Party Cakes

Our single-tiered Party Cakes are custom made, just for you!

With so many variables, each requires a custom estimate. To help you get started, the following is a serving chart to help you determine what size cake you’ll need.

*Our standard height round party cakes are 2-layers of cake with a filling.

6” round…. 8-10 servings
8” round…. 10-12 servings
9 round….15-20 servings
10” round….20-25 servings

Quarter sheet, 2-layer…….24 servings

Half sheet, 2-layer………….50 servings

Full sheet, 2-layer………..100 servings  *VERY LARGE CAKE  18″x26″ MUST pick-up with a SUV or Larger viehicle with a FLAT surface.

*Interested in squares, hearts, ovals, and other custom perimeter-shaped, sculpted , tiered, or 3-D cakes?
No problem! We can help you determine sizes and give estimates on those too. Just call or come in and see us with your great ideas!

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