3D Cakes

3D/Sculpted Cake Pricing

-3D/Sculpted Cakes will start at $450

-Must be ordered/contract signed and paid in full 30days prior to pick up (some designs may require longer notice)

-NO CANCELATIONS or CHANGES within those 30 days

-We do not work with power tools, some items we will not be able to create

For a quote, please send a email with:

[email protected]

  • Date needed
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Detailed photos 
  • Servings needed
  • Flavor

Once the idea is submitted to management, a price estimate will be given within 3-7days.

-depending on the shape they may need to get a side cake or cupcakes to serve the rest.

-ONLY CAKE, very rarely is the cake able to have filling

-ONLY certain flavors are to be used (that is determined during the quoteing process)

Keep in mind that:

  • Changes suggested by the customer after the estimate has been given, will/can result in changes on the estimated price.
  • Estimates can take time to calculate; the design must be thought through.  It may take a few days for management to work up a price, DO NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE, your request may not be in time
  • 3-D designs are among the most difficult and time-consuming cakes we do; this will be reflected in the pricing.  Even a very small cake can carry a very high price tag!