Long Distance Form

Items from our shop are extremely fragile, even more so during transport.

If we are told prior to accepting your order that you are traveling far…we highly recommend you find a cakery closer to your destination. We are not liable if told at pick up that you are traveling a far distance.

Sugarlips delivers wedding cakes within 50 miles of the shop and party cakes within 20 miles; with a few restrictions. Some examples of the restrictions are higher elevation, winding roads, dirt roads, heat, etc.

Anything outside of these guidelines we highly recommend you find a shop closer to your destination!!!

*During our high heat months, your orders will melt

*Changing altitude will affect the product. Just as your ears pop, so does the frosting. Driving/Flying/Boating etc.

*Longer time on the road means more time with other drivers who are unpredictable

*Winding/rocky roads are not safe for any order

Sugarlips Cakery is not responsible for the order once it leaves our shop. We will not replace or refund damaged products.

I understand the risk involved in transporting my order, and agree to take full responsibility for any damage that occurs once the order leaves the Cakery.

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