Custom Cupcakes & Cakes!

Quality takes time; please review our general turn-around times for all orders:

We require general party cakes to be ordered and paid for at least 7 days in advance

We require wedding cakes to be finalized and paid for at least 10 days in advance

We require 3D/sculpted cakes to be fully placed and paid for at least 30 days in advance

**These turnaround times can be subject to change according to management’s needs during high volume/low staff occurrences. We are a small bakery with a hard working staff – please be understanding of this when we are not able to complete your project. We will always follow through with orders once they are promised/paid in full!

**No changes or cancellations of custom orders will be accepted with less notice given than the above time frame per your order type. Any cancellations/changes made prior to the above time frames will incur a 15% fee of the amount being refunded to cover our time and transaction costs.

Please contact us for price estimates or to schedule a Wedding Cake consultation/tasting.  As all of our orders are custom, prices vary greatly depending on the complexity of your order.  

**3D CAKES! Due to the complexity of sculpted cakes, they require more time for planning out every detail. These cakes should have the order process begun at least 3 months in advance. The finalized contract for these cakes, along with a deposit is required 30 days before pick up/delivery.**

We specialize in:

Single-Tiered, Shaped, Sculpted, or 3-D Cakes
Stacked (Tiered) Wedding or Party Cakes
Unique Cupcakes
Miniatures, Brownies, Dipped Treats, and More

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