April & May is CRAZY!!

This is Wedding AND Graduation SEASON

Due to Wedding/Graduation Season we only have the fridge space and staff to accommodate orders placed well in advance. For this reason, we have special rules for anyone in need of an order for April and/or May:

Party cake orders, large or small, will require a 30+ days notice in the months of April and May.

This means your order must be fully placed and paid for one month before your pick up date if the pick up date lands in these 2 months.

Start planning ahead now, as exceptions will not be made.

We will cut off order taking IF we book to capacity. Please do not wait till the last second, a booked order is one that is paid in full.

Thank you for your support and understanding, and thank you for being kind to our staff. The team is working very hard!

YOU make the magic happen!

We can’t thank our Sugarlips followers enough for the amount of love and support we have received this year. Thank you for all of your kindness, your small quarantine orders, your curbside cupcake pick ups, your DIY Kit orders, your words of encouragement, and much, much more. Every single order has been a blessing to us and our amazing staff. We are extremely grateful to have such a wonderful Sugarlips Family. There is no way we would still be around to sprinkle edible glitter on everything we touch if it wasn’t for all of you.