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Policies for Sugarlips Cakery

Little girl frosting cake
  • Please place your custom order with at least 7 days' notice. Availability to accept rush orders varies from week to week.
  • No CHANGES or CANCELLATIONS to your order will be allowed with less than 7 days notice.
  • We welcome highly customized orders, but please understand that there may be additional charges to our basic pricing structures.
  • We want you to be thrilled with your cake! In the event you are unsatisfied with the finished design upon pick-up, we will make every effort to change it to your satisfaction while you wait.
  • Once your custom order has left the premises, there will be no refunds! So speak now or forever hold your piece...of cake.

Sugarlips Cakery can not be held responsible for the product once you leave the shop. Cakes are fragile and can be damaged during transport or if served in severe weather...please use your good judgement! Go to helpful tips on picking-up your tiered cake! If your cake becomes damaged during transport, please return so we can repair it to the best of our ability. Please understand that we offer this as a courtesy service and our decorators on-duty may require extra time to help you.

Sugarlips Cakery Employs Human Beings (Mistakes can happen, please be kind.)

That said, we welcome your feedback! If you find that your cake's design is not satisfactory, you MUST let us know at the time of pick-up. If you send someone to pick up your cake, you are appointing them responsibility for okaying the design. If you encounter a problem with your order once you get home, we want to know. Thank You! This helps us build a better company! We at Sugarlips Cakery understand that any unexpected problem with a special occasion dessert can be upsetting. However, our staff will not tolerate yelling, rudeness or verbal abuse. Please be kind, so that we may help you!

Helpful Tips for Picking-up Your Tiered Cake

  • You will need to bring an enclosed, air-conditioned vehicle with a flat surface to set the cake on.
  • Car seats, trunks, floorboards or "holding the cake" on a lap are not sufficient.
  • A minivan, SUV or station wagon is preferred.
  • Please make sure your vehicle is clear of anything that might fall on or roll into the cake.
  • As most cakes are very tall, it is not possible to enclose the cake in a box. Rather, the cake will be placed on a cake 'board' or 'drum'. This also keeps heat from building up inside the box and melting the cake.
  • Cakes need to be kept at 75 degrees or cooler and out of direct sunlight. Otherwise, drive carefully, turning slowly, avoiding stress and jiggling to the cake.