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Sugarlips Cakery Party Cakes

Cake and cupcake pricing depends on many factors, such as the type of icing, size/shape of cake and difficulty of design.
Please CALL or COME IN and see us for a price estimate TODAY! Below is a basic serving chart to help you decide what size cake
you might need for your celebration. This chart is for SINGLE TIER cakes only! For ANY stacked/tiered cake, please refer to
the wedding cake pricing page or call for more information.

Sizes Servings** Example of Cake
8" Round 12-15 Example of 8inch Round Cake
9" Round 15-20 Example of 9inch Round Cake
10" Round 20-25 Example of 10inch Round Cake
12" Round 25-40 Example of 12inch Round Cake
14" Round 40-55 Example of 14inch Round Cake
1/4 Sheet 12 Example of 1/4 Sheet Cake
1/4 Sheet, 2-Layer 24 Example of 1/4 Sheet, 2-Layer Cake
1/2 Sheet 24 Example of 1/2 Sheet Cake
1/2 Sheet, 2-Layer 48 Example of 1/2 Sheet, 2-Layer Cake
Full Sheet 48 Example of Full Sheet
Full Sheet, 2-Layer 96 Example of Full Sheet, 2-Layer Cake

Pink Star Cupcakes and Cupcake-Cakes are the latest trend and a hit at any party! One-dozen minimum for special-order, please!

Sugarlips Cakery offers cakes a wide variety of cake sizes and shapes, including squares, ovals and hexagons, as well as
custom shapes and sculpted cakes! Please call for details. Valleywide delivery available, please call with your
desired zip code for a quote. A rush fee can be charged on orders placed with less than seven days notice. Certain specialized
decorations, photo cakes and licensed character designs may cost extra. **All serving sizes are approximate.